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BG Trailers
Fremantle Trailers are the premium dealer and service agent for BG Trailers, checkout of products page for more information on BG Trailers.
Dunbier Trailers
There is a full list of Dunbier Trailer products under our products menu!
Trailer Service?
At Fremantle Trailers we will carry out a service on your trailer, quickly using the best available parts and we have great rates!
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At Fremantle we will take care of all you trailer servicing needs.

Whether it is a boat trailer or any other type of trailer in need of a service or repair.

pricing listed under the products menu! 
Dealer Products

Dunbier Marine Products

BG Trailers

Tradesman's Trailers

Custom Built Trailers


design & build your own custom trailer!
Custom Built Trailers

At Fremantle we can custom design and build a trailer for your special requirements.

Book a time to discuss your needs. Checkout our gallery for some  examples.

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At Fremantle Trailers we offer a wide range of trailer products & services, we are also agents for the following trailer manufacturers:

Dunbier Marine Products

BG Trailers

Tradesman's Trailers

We service and support all products we sell. You can see the prices of these products online now through our products page. We also carry out repairs to all boat trailers and other types of commercial trailers. At Fremantle Trailers we take our trailer servicing and repairs seriously. Importing a trailer, yes we can comply and have your trailer passed with the Department of Transport. We will register it for you also. 

Contact us now on (08) 9433 1797 or email us to arrange for your trailer to be serviced or repaired by Fremantle Trailers.   


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